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Gorgon  City: Olympia CD, LP & USB

Olympia CD, LP & USB

Gorgon City

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  • Release Date 29 December 2021
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Olympia Vinyl & CD Tracks
1 Gorgon City 'Tell Me It's True'  
2 Gorgon City & Aura James 'Oxygen'  
3 Gorgon City & Drama 'You’ve Done Enough'  
4 Gorgon City & Jem Cooke 'Dreams'  
5 Gorgon City & Cami 'Body Language'  
6 Gorgon City 'When You're Gone'  
7 Soffi Tukker & Gorgon City 'House Arrest'  
8 Gorgon City & Hayley May 'Never Let Me Down'  
9 Gorgon City 'Sweet Temptation'  
10 Gorgon City & Drama 'Nobody'  
11 Gorgon City & Rose Grey 'Lost Feelings'  
12 Gorgon City & Grace Grundy 'Tears'  
13 Gorgon City 'Waiting For The Right Time'  
14 Gorgon City & Jem Cooke 'Ecstasy'  
15 Hayden James, Gorgon City & Nat Dunn 'Foolproof'  
16 Gorgon City & Evan Giia 'Burning'  
17 Gorgon City 'Thoughts Of You'  
18 Gorgon City & Josh Barry 'Freedom'  
Olympia USB Tracks
1 Tell Me It's True  
2 Oxygen (with Aura James) [Extended Mix]  
3 You’ve Done Enough (with DRAMA) [Extended Mix]  
4 Dreams (with Jem Cooke) [Extended Mix]  
5 Body Language (with Cami) [Extended Mix]  
6 When You’re Gone  
7 House Arrest (with SOFI TUKKER) [Extended Mix]  
8 Never Let Me Down (with Hayley May) [Extended Mix]  
9 Sweet Temptation [Extended Mix]  
10 Nobody (with DRAMA) [Extended Mix]  
11 Lost Feelings [Extended Mix]  
12 Tears (with Grace Grundy) [Extended Mix]  
13 Waiting For The Right Time  
14 Ecstasy (with Jem Cooke) [Extended Mix]  
15 Foolproof (with Hayden James & Nat Dunn) [Extended Mix]  
16 Burning (with EVAN GIIA) [Extended Mix]  
17 Thoughts Of You [Extended Mix]  
18 Freedom (with Josh Barry)  
19 You’ve Done Enough (with DRAMA) [Terrace Dub]  
20 Nobody (with DRAMA) [Terrace Dub]  
21 Burning (with EVAN GIIA) [Terrace Dub]